How to Get Value of Selected Radio Button List Using jQuery

in this tutorial, I will let you know how to find a selected radio list from a group of radio list with help of javascript. This is very common problem in development of web application.

You can get value using JavaScript as well as jQuery. I will demonstrate for both type options to get the value of selected radio button list.

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Simple Example to Get Value of Selected Radio Button List

Step 1: We will define radio group list using HTML radio element.

Get Value Of Selected Radio Buttons

Option 1: Function to get Value Radio Button Using JavaScript

We have find all radio buttons object using class selector, I have passed '.getvalue' class name into the jQuery selector.

Then, found all the checked radio element and alert value.

Option 2: Get The Value Of Selected Radio Button Using jQuery

Here we have use same iteration method to get all radio elements but, The selected radio button value will get using jQuery text method.

Demo and Download source code

I hope it will help you.