Different Way To Pass parameters in Flexigrid

This jQuery flexigrid tutorials help to pass parameters into flexigrid. jQuery flexigrid is very easy and attractive jquery grid plugin, which support many common features of grid like pagination, sorting and custom paging etc.

I will demonstrate about passing parameters into jquery flexigrid, parameters might be for sorting, searching and custom variables which will use in flexigrid data processing in server side.This tutorial will help to understand , Different way to pass parameters into flexigrid.

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Option 1: Parameters as a Query String

We can pass number of parameters as a query string into flexigrid using flexOptions() method.

As you can see line #4, i have used flexOptions() method to pass parameters, all the parameters assigned to query option.

Option 2: Parameters as a JSON object

We can also pass parameters as a object into flexigrid using flexOptions() method.

I am using jQuery.param() method to pass JSON parameters to felxigrid. You can get more information about serialization of json object from Here.

I hope it can help you to understand flexigrid with parameters.