How To Import CSV File Into MySQL Using PHP

In this php post, I am discussing how to import csv file into MySQL database table using PHP.CSV stands for “Comma Separated Values” and contains all data in comma separated.
Its very common task for every application which has too much database and need to import in MySql.

I am using two files one is index.php file which will contain UI part to show upload CSV file and import_csv.php file to connect MySQL and parse CSV data and store into MySQL table.

Normally, We need to import data into database then we used following file types.

  1. Xml file
  2. CSV file
  3. Excel file

To import data through CSV file into MySQL Database table.I am doing following steps to import data from CSV file into MYSQL using PHP Script code.

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Steps to import CSV file into MySql database using PHP

Step 1: Create import_csv.php and put below code into this file.

Below code is used for creating interface to upload CSV file.
Step 2: Create a new index.php file to display csv upload form.You need to put below code into index.php file.