How to Claim Your Domain on Facebook

In this tutorial i will tell you how to claim domain on facebook. You can register domain with facebook to display domain analytic insights for you website.

Below are simple steps to claim domains.
Step 1: Click on the green Insights for your Domain button on your Insights Dashboard
Step 2: Type your domain address into the text box.

Step 3: Copy the meta tag provided in the above window and add this verification meta tag to the section of the root webpage of a domain.
Step 3: Finally, click Check Domain. Once checked, your claimed domain will show on the left side navigation bar under the domains section.
< h4 class="label label-info">Result

< h4 class="label label-info">Parameters of meta tag

Below are the meta tags to add to your website and correspond with the access privileges granted to a person or admins for an app:

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