Stylish and pure CSS based tooltip

I am going to let you know, how to create beautiful Tooltip with help of CSS. This is pure css tool tip which will customized by you based on your requirement.There are a lot of css library(bootstrap,Foundation etc) available in market which can be used to create awesome tooltip but if you want your customized pure css based tooltip then you need to follow below steps.This tool tip style created by Pure CSS class and selector.

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Simple Example of Pure CSS Tooltips

Lets create style.css file and added below code into this file, You can also add you theme css file:

Below are CSS class

Above css classes are creating css layout of tooltip and applying popover on hover of info class.

How To Use Tooltip on HTML element

We just apply class name into the html element.

Simple Example and Demo of CSS based tooltip

Download source code and Demo Of Pure CSS tooltip

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