Bootstrap 4 alpha 6 – New Features of Twitter Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap has launched new version of bootstrap 4 alpha6. He has rewritten grid system and all major components in flexbox.

Bootstrap is awesome front end framework, Many organization and top websites are using bootstrap css framework for his front end development. Bootstrap available on MIT license, that makes its most lovable framework in front end developer.Bootstrap angular version also available on market, so you can use bootstrap component(model, tooltip) as angular directive not need to include explicitly on your angular project.

On 6th Jan 2017, Bootstrap announced bootstrap 4 with alpha 6 release. There are a lot of new features coming on way due to its alpha release. I have listed important features of bootstrap 4 alpha 6.

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  • Dropped IE9 support
  • Added Flexbox in grid system
  • Updated navbar and improved layout customization.
  • Refactored carousel with new, simpler styles
  • Removed progress element and added new progress component.
  • Renamed .tag back to .badge
  • Added support for justified navigation when in flexbox mode.
  • Renamed _animation.scss to _transitions.scss for clarity.

You can check example and docs from Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 here.